Good-enough Innovation

Example: Mettler Toledo Weighing Scale

A famous example of good-enough innovation is provided by Mettler Toledo, a Swiss laboratory equipment manufacturer. They significantly scaled down their Western equivalent for the Chinese market, ending up with a weighing scale that had only a basic minimum feature set, and priced to sell. Mettler Toledo were able to meet the required price point not only due to the reduced feature set, but through a combination of low-cost manufacturing and materials.


The starting point for this category of innovation is an existing durable good, such as a phone or a motorbike, with a successful sales history in the rich world.


Product developers face the challenge of reducing the complexity and cost of the product, which is usually achieved through removal of non-essential features, and by possible reduction in the cost of production, to make it affordable to emerging markets.


Key to good-enough innovation are the adaptation or re-engineering of an existing product to fit the specific use requirements of the target market.

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