Jugaad Innovation


Example: MittiCool Fridge

The quintessential Jugaad innovation is surely India’s MittiCool Fridge. Indian clay potter Mansukh Prajapati turned entrepreneur in 2002 when he developed a refrigerator that runs without being powered by any form of electricity.


Not only is it low-cost, but green as well as it is 100 percent biodegradable and produces zero waste during its lifetime. Prajapati’s invention was born out of a dire need to keep produce fresh after an earthquake devastated the region where he lived.


Using his ingenuity and knowledge of pottery, his experiments led to this extraordinary award-winning device that, retailing around $50, changed the lives of many very low-income earners worldwide who do not have access to electricity.


Jugaad innovation – Jugaad is a colloquial Hindi and Punjabi word that can mean an ‘innovative fix’ or a ‘simple work-around’.


Although it has its roots in the Indian countryside, the principle of Jugaad is practised by many people living under the poverty line in Africa, parts of South America, and elsewhere. As such, it is a result of poverty and exigency and practised in a place where “the street is a real-world laboratory where entrepreneurs identify needs and try to find solutions” world.

  • ‘Engineered’ for creative problem solving

  • Without serious taxonomy or discipline

  • Resourceful BOP inventors / entrepreneurs

Source: de Waal, 2006

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