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  1. Precious Plastic RMIT – see (this opportunity addresses the wicked problems of pollution and environmental degradation, while at the same time has the potential to create sustainable businesses for BOP entrepreneurs)

  2. Australian farmer's weed-destroying invention – see

  3. Mobile shower van – see

  4. Orange Sky Laundry – see

  5. Clean cooking stoves

  6. Remote healthcare services

  7. Off-grid fridges

  8. Off-grid toilets

Local Educational Materials for Creative Learning and Maker Skills


Education is key in social and economic development. Around the world, many educational systems lack resources to effectively build creativity, and promote diverse learning styles. In much of the world (including Australia) there is a gap in participation between boys and girls in technology and engineering fields. 


Project Goals: This project aims to create educational resources for school (primary and high school) to encourage creative thinking; maker skills (that are applied and used in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths - STEM); and making education more collaborative and playful. Outcomes of this project can be training resources (including materials made from low-cost or free resources) / train-the-trainer resources / along with potential sustainability and business models to make these programs viable.


Inspiration: Google RISE Recipients (!rise-recipients) / Karkhana (

Ideas provided by Julian O'Shea, Founder - Laika Academy

Hanging Gardens, Urban Green Space and Bamboo Products


Around the world there is a mass migration from rural to urban communities. There is limited green spaces and innovative techniques have been implemented to add plants, parks and gardens. Bamboo is a remarkable plant growing exceptionally quickly, with excellent properties for building and construction.


Project Goals: Develop an effective bamboo garden space (including local plants) that can be used to encourage local green spaces or other bamboo products to encourage economic development.


Inspiration: Giant Grass ( / Abari ( / IKEA Grow Room (

Re-Thinking Waste - Smarter Use for Plastic Bottles


Billions of plastic bottles are used around the world every year. They cause a significant waste challenge around the world. This project aims to re-imagine these objects and develop new applications for what would alternatively end up in landfill, or in nature around the world.


Project Goals: Develop innovative uses for reused plastic bottles.


Inspiration: Litre of Light (

Plastic Bottle Aircon  (

Plastic Bottle Roadway (

Menstrual Hygiene - Breaking Taboos for Women's and Girl Health


Menstrual hygiene and health is a taboo in many cultures around the world. This has significant impact for the health of women, and girls. It's an issue of dignity, inclusion and equity - with girls missing school in places where sanitation options aren't available; and health issues due to lack of information or stigma.


Project Goals: Develop programs or products to support women through menstrual hygiene projects, or help break taboos and support education about periods and menstrual health.


Inspiration: Menstrual Hygiene Day ( / Saral Designs ( / 

Community Based Tourism, Global Education and International Collaboration


Tourism and travel can have a positive impact on developing countries around the world. There can be often damaging or harmful aspects (orphanage tourism supporting institutionalised care and exploiting children) to less impactful ways of travel (packaged tourism where money leaves the country). 


Project Goals: How can Australians travel effectively to developing countries with an approach of collaborative education, global learning, and effective community engagement? Developing engagement and best practice approaches to international development.


Inspiration: To Hell with Good Intentions ( / Laika Academy -

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