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Fresh Direct
Agriculture is typically land intensive, involves high losses and can be risky for farmers to compete effectively. Fresh Direct manufacture, install and market customised hydroponic systems, greenhouses and container farms to help smaller farmers be more sustainable and more effective, both in terms of cost and yield production. 
We created The Venture to inspire, discover and reward those who believe that business can be a force for good. With $1Million in funding and expert support, The Venture will enable a new generation of social entrepreneurs to create positive change.

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iDrop Water

iDrop Water enables grocery stores to sell safe drinking water by the litter in reusable containers, purifying the water on site.

I-Drop Water is a for profit, mission-driven company established to bring safe drinking water to everyone, everywhere by answering this question. We've built an innovative business model that uses nano-purification water filtration technology and GSM-enabled platform to empower grocery store owners anywhere to purify and sell safe, affordable drinking water to their customers. Shoppers refill multi-use containers and pay by the litre for the drinking water they need. 

With I-Drop Water more people can afford safe drinking water, less plastic waste is produced and local economies benefit by supporting their local grocery stores.

Visit us: https://www.idropwater.com/
SoWat produces a transportable filtration system that turns any source of fresh water into clean drinking water for 5,000 people per day.
Following years of research we have developed a filtration system that allows us to make drinking water from any kind of source of fresh water. SOWAT©(System Open Water Advanced Technology) stops particles, pollen, parasites, bacteria and even viruses. The organic pollutants and mineral colloids are also eliminated.
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